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We sell high quality setups for popular website content management systems like WordPress. Get a better website today and make it stand out.

Important reasons to upgrade your website TODAY instead of tomorrow.

Here's a few reasons why you shouldn't be wasting any time with upgrading your website.

Loading times

Your website needs to load fast - otherwise customers will click off. That is why website optimization is important.

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Monetize your website

Why not monetize your website so you get revenue - even if the potential customer doesn't buy anything?

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Marketing is a key element for success. That is why we have partnered with [redacted - this will be added as soon as a contract is present] to offer you website kick-start bundles.


Mobile Usability

Your website needs to work and look great on mobile too! Making your website mobile-friendly is very important considering that people are using their mobile devices now more than ever!

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SEO + Sharing Meta Tags

Your website should look great when being shared on social media and when being searched on Google. There's lots of usable space like the meta name, description and usually (on social media) an image that you can use to get people to click on your website's link.  



Nobody wants to look at an ugly HTML website. That's why using CSS (for design) and JS (for interactivity) is important.

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Affordable Price

We have a reasonable price for the work that we put in. We don't charge a major premium and all our website setups have a great value.



Analytics are also important for websites. They allow you to get an insight of how your users use your website and how you we can improve it. (analytics monitoring NOT included)  

Ghost Setups

Are you trying to start a modern blog where you share updates and opinions with your fans or customers? Then our Ghost setups are perfect for you!

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XenForo Setups

Are you trying to start forums for people to interact with each other? Then we highly recommend XenForo 2. It is an amazing tool to get a nice looking forums site up and running.

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And more!

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WordPress Setups

Are you trying to start a simple, but powerful website? Then you might want to go with WordPress as it is the most popular free CMS focused on blogs and websites.



Do you need a school website? We got you! Just give us some details and we'll be racing to finish your website!      

  • Simplicity
  • Gets the idea over to the visitor
  • Modern, but not over-animated for the purpose

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RyderG Network V.2 and 3

For our server's website, demands were rising quickly, so we went with XenForo 2 as it has a large amount of features that fit. V.3 was a rather small update with some theme changes. It is the most recent version of the website.

  • Modern
  • Ability for users to have conversations
  • Forums

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MC-Admins was a new player to the field of Minecraft Server admin forums. Since we needed users to be able to chat with each other and create forum threads, we went for XenForo 2.

  • Marketplace
  • Ability for users to have conversations
  • Support + Tips and Tricks Forums

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And 5 more!

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